Director Of I&K Enterprises Mr.Imran Ahmed Shared The Remarkable Story Behind Their Successful Brands on A PLUS.

 Mr.imran APLUS Interview


In a recent interview on Aplus channel's morning show, "Dhanak," Mr. Imran Ahmad, Director and CEO of Nexton Company, captivated the audience with his inspiring story and valuable insights. The interview explains his personal journey and the remarkable growth of Nexton. It consists of a comprehensive overview of the brand journey covering key topics such as

  • Company's origin
  • Unique selling points
  • Product availability
  • Team building
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Challenges of starting a brand in Pakistan

A Journey Fueled by Passion:

Back in 1990, Mr. Imran Ahmed and his younger brother entered their entrepreneurial journey as retailers of a cosmetic shop. Over time, they proceed into the distribution business, specializing in perfume distribution. In 2013, the visionary leader launched Nexton, an ambitious brand that would soon flourish. While the path was not without challenges, Mr. Imran Ahmed's firm determination and the grace of Almighty Allah the company is moving forward.

Unique Selling Points and Consumer Trust:

During the interview, Mr. Imran Ahmed unveiled the essence of Nexton's success: Its commitment to internationally recognized ISO-certified quality standards. With additional Halal certifications from esteemed bodies like PSQCA (Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority), the company prides itself on building consumer trust. By ensuring ingredient transparency, avoiding unidentified additives in the product, and sticking to uncompromising quality claims, Nexton infused confidence in its products and maintains a unique reputation in the market.

Extensive Product Availability:

Nexton's commitment to consumer satisfaction extends to its extensive product availability. With a strong presence in supermarkets and online platforms, including its own website and the reputable Daraz marketplace, customers across Pakistan can easily access Nexton's offerings. The company's wide reach ensures that its value-for-money products are within the grasp of discerning consumers.

Building an A-Grade Team:

One of the cornerstones of Nexton's success, as highlighted by Mr. Imran Ahmed, is the emphasis on building an exceptional team. Recognizing that an A-grade company requires an A-grade team, Nexton fosters an environment that encourages employees to express their opinions and push their limits. By providing competitive opportunities for skill enhancement, ensuring timely salaries, and nurturing a positive learning atmosphere, the company cultivates a culture of entrepreneurship that prepares its workforce for future endeavors.

Entrepreneurship and Empowering Employees:

Mr. Imran Ahmed's interview shed light on Nexton's philosophy of entrepreneurship and its impact on employee growth. The company believes in empowering its workforce by creating opportunities for them to contribute their ideas and actively participate in the betterment of the brand. By valuing employee self-worth, maintaining a transparent approach, and delivering on promises, Nexton inspires a sense of ownership and prepares its employees for personal and professional success.

Value-for-Money and Quality Assurance:

Nexton takes great pride in providing value-for-money products without compromising on quality. The company upholds high production standards while ensuring its products remain affordable for consumers. Operating in 170 cities throughout Pakistan, Nexton strives to deliver quality goods that justify customers' expenditure, earning their loyalty and trust.

Navigating Challenges and the Power of Transparency:

When discussing the challenges of starting a brand in Pakistan, Mr. Ahmed adopted a positive outlook. He emphasized the importance of exploring opportunities rather than dwelling on obstacles. He also dispelled the misconception that businesspeople are solely driven by financial gain, highlighting the pivotal role of transparency in achieving exponential growth and attracting more opportunities. Transparency, in Mr. Ahmed's view, is the key to building a successful and enduring brand.

A Journey beyond Monetary Considerations:

In conclusion, Mr. Imran Ahmed shared his valuable advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. He encouraged them to focus not solely on monetary gains but on the holistic success and progress of their brand. Building a brand, as he exemplified through his own journey, involves continuous growth and development, transcending mere financial considerations. By staying true to their vision, maintaining high standards, and nurturing a culture of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs can pave the way for their brand's enduring legacy.

In this captivating interview, Mr. Imran Ahmed's insights and Nexton's remarkable journey provided a wealth of inspiration and valuable lessons for entrepreneurs across the board

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