Back in 2000’s, Fragrance mainly means to men’s and women but now it can be surprisingly wonderful to make it good for babies. Nexton baby cologne is totally safe for toddlers and doesn’t irritate your baby’s skin. Adding baby cologne to your baby’s daily routine is a lovely way to keep your child smelling fresh and clean.

It’s very hard to choose for your new born baby that what is best and what is not. And as a mother you want best for your baby. In a vast range of baby products you mat concern with baby cologne or you may say baby scent. In this article we are going to talk about benefits of using cologne, how to use it and many other important factors that you should must know.

Baby cologne is specially made for make a baby smell good. Not only Nexton baby cologne increases the connection between you and your baby, but it also smells very good. Nexton baby cologne are tested to make sure that they are harmless for babies. Nexton baby cologne are:

  • Alcohol Free
  • Paraben free
  • Allergic free fragrance
  • Tested by dermatologist
  • Gentle and fresh fragrance

In Pakistan we are the one who provide baby cologne in spray bottle. The main factor to produce cologne in spray bottle is to reduce the wastage and easy to use, you can use easily use it by spraying, when you uses any other ordinary cologne obviously for use you can pour it on the palm of your hand and unfortunately it spill out.

The new and improved Nexton baby cologne are available in 4 variants:

  1. Nexton Fresh Love Baby Cologne
  2. Nexton Sweet Love Baby Cologne
  3. Nexton Pure Love Baby Cologne
  4. Nexton Baby Love Baby Cologne

The different colors clearly make a difference in scents easy to identify which one you want to use for your baby. In market there are many colognes are available but with too strong fragrance, but Nexton baby cologne comes with very light fragrance which makes your baby good in smell and also harmless. As a mother obviously you are very conscious about products that you are using for your baby especially on skin. So, it was appreciable to know that Nexton baby cologne are made using a mild and non-irritating formula that protect your child.

How to use it?

You can use cologne by applying it on the sleeves of cloth, socks or on their neck.

Our advice to mothers that don’t use highly fragmented products, chemicals are the main problem it can irritate your baby that’s why quality and safety of cologne is very important.

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