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Navigating Global Markets: Nexton and De’Lesh's Strategic Move at TDAP (EHCS) 2024

Navigating Global Markets: Nexton and De’Lesh's Strategic  Move at TDAP (EHCS) 2024

It has become easier than ever to initiate connections on a global level, roping in on this opportunity Nexton and De’Lesh have struck an important entrepreneurial chord by leaving a significant mark on an international level at the recent Engineering & Healthcare Show (EHCS) 2024, held at Expo Center Lahore.

The Engineering & Healthcare Show (EHCS) is a B2B event, organized by the Pakistani Ministry of Commerce and the Trade Development Authority. EHCS stands out as a B2B platform, that aims to foster meaningful relationships between the engineering and healthcare sectors.

Additionally, they help bridge the gap between local and international businesses by providing them with a platform to explore synergies, partnerships, and global market expansion through the involvement of trade counselors deployed in Pakistani embassies who ensure a diverse and comprehensive participation of buyers and importers around the world.

The Strategic Role of Africa and Benefits of EHCS on an International Scale:

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2024 marks our third consecutive year as an active participant in EHCS. Traditionally, African countries have emerged as major buyers of our products for the past two years. However, there has been a spark of interest amongst other markets of the globe.

The delegation from Malaysia has shown a keen interest in our products and also took back samples, echoing the possibility of future partnerships and a plethora of opportunities on a global scale. Additionally, we have seen growth in various African markets which include Senegal, Rwanda, and Ivory Coast.

In-person meetings with potential business partners allowed us to get a deeper understanding of various markets on a wide spectrum, which has been pivotal in enhancing brand awareness and establishing Nexton and De’Lesh as leaders in their respective industries on an international level.

Strategic Method for Entering New Markets:


EHCS provided valuable insights into the unique requirements and preferences about their likes, dislikes, patterns of buying, and lifestyles of diverse customer bases around the globe. This knowledge has proven to be beneficial, in terms of:

  • Product customization:Tailoring products to the specific needs of each market.
  • Improved marketing tactics:Developing targeted campaigns for different regions.
  • Modified business methods:Adapting practices to align with local regulations and customs.

Beyond the exchange of products and contracts, these connections lay the foundation for long-term economic relationships built on trust and mutual understanding.

A Preview of What's to Come:


The EHCS 2024 has marked a significant milestone for De’Lesh and Nexton and holds a critical role in deriving a global business strategy, composed of new learnings which would be beneficial in shaping our future endeavors. As we navigate the global landscape and the intricacies of it, the impact of EHCS resonates as a testament to dedication to excellence in the ever-evolving skincare and baby care industries.

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