Nexton Baby Hair and Body wash (3-in-1)

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Unlike soaps, Nexton hair and body wash is not harsh and helps your little one’s skin soft and supple. This 3-in-1 hair and body wash without irritants, is great for baby’s sensitive skin. Either you are looking for best baby wash or baby shampoo this is exactly what you need to keep your little one clean by locking in moisture. Regular use will keep the baby’s skin and hair beautifully conditioned and smelling delightful. It is great for use as an all-round cleanser.

❃ 3-in-1 body wash conditioner & shampoo
❃ It’s soap-free and specially formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.
❃ Promotes healthy hair growth
❃ Great for baby’s sensitive skin

Sizes: 125 ML